Badgers’ House of Pain

The song they play between the third and fourth quarters at Wisconsin home football games is House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” There wasn’t much jumping around in Madison this weekend. Not about Wisconsin football, anyhow.

The Badgers came home from a 38-16 loss at Iowa shake.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

How bad was it? Let Jay Valai spell it out for you.

“Our manhood was took today,” the sophomore strong safety said. “As a team, we backed down.”

This from MJS columnist Michael Hunt:

One could only imagine what the athletic director was thinking from his Kinnick Stadium box as he looked down upon a team coached by his handpicked successor that stopped getting better about the time its 19-point lead was evaporating in Ann Arbor going on a month ago. The Badgers’ confidence and fundamental play has since eroded to the extent that Bret Bielema admitted, “It’s a mental thing. It’s a physical thing. It’s an everything thing.”

As he did at halftime, Bielema can yell at the players all he wants. But when it comes to the basics going on a month, that’s coaching.

Wisconsin hosts Illinois Saturday. It’s a game Iowa’s team and its fans will watch with interest, since the Hawkeyes’ next game is the following Saturday at Illinois. The Fighting Illini looked good Saturday night against Indiana. It would be in Iowa’s best interest if the Badgers started jumping around Saturday and relocated their manhood enough to put a few welts on the Illini.


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