Reggie Evans: “Pain-Inflicting”

Reggie Evans: Iowa’s never had a basketball player like him. Few have.

The Philadelphia Daily News has a good piece on 76ers forward Evans, who did a bang-up job (literally) for the Hawkeyes several years ago. Here’s one of my favorite excerpts:

“I didn’t know what kind of guy Reggie was,” (Sixers forward/center) Elton Brand said. “I really didn’t like him much because of how physically he played against me [while I was with the Los Angeles Clippers], and how physical he got with one of my centers in the playoffs. But the way he plays really helps you. He plays harder than anybody.”

Even, Brand said, practicing against his own teammates.

“He hacks, bangs, pushes, holds, but I love it,” Brand said, wincing at some of the training-camp memories. “Once we play in a game, it’s easy against anybody else, because none of them are going to play harder than that guy.”

Here’s the link to the story:


2 responses to “Reggie Evans: “Pain-Inflicting”

  1. Saying Reggie got physical with the Clippers center (then Chris Kaman) is an understatement.

  2. Nice article and good for Reggie. I forgot about the grabbing incident.

    Reggie was a little out of hand in that instance.

    If Alford tells RE, in his sr. yr., that he gets all his points of the glass and no plays will be run for him RE may have been a mid first rounder.

    Thank God he’s in New Mexico.

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