Zach May Be Back

Just like old times. Zach Johnson is in contention to win a PGA Tour event.

The man from Cedar Rapids shot an 8-under-par 62 Saturday in the third-round of the Texas Open in San Antonio, and is just one shot behind Rory Sabbatini entering Sunday’s final 18 holes.

Eight birdies, no bogeys. Strong.

This has been a lost year of sorts for the fifth-year PGA Tour pro. He hasn’t had a Top Ten finish since March, and hadn’t even played in a Tour event since late August. He only got as far as the first of the four FedExCup playoff tourneys, and didn’t make the U.S. Ryder Cup team after doing so in 2006.

But four weeks ago when Johnson was in Iowa City for his fundraising event for Iowa’s disaster victims, he insisted he felt he had some good stuff left in him for the rest of this year. It appears he knew of what he spoke.

“It’s not where I want to be from a number standpoint, from a ranking standpoint point, money list, dah, dah, dah, all those number standpoints,” Johnson said after his round Saturday. “It certainly has not been where I want it to be. However I’ve been very encouraged as to the way my game is going.

“I’m still trying to get better. I feel like I’m a better playing player now than I was this time last year even though it won’t show on the stats.”

“I’m very encouraged where my ball striking is, very encouraged with my instructors and I’m really encouraged as to where my putter is going. That’s probably what’s left me the most.”

On an NFL Sunday, many Iowans may spend some time with The Golf Channel.


One response to “Zach May Be Back

  1. Zach is back. A great win by a classy kid.

    Good day for Regis alumni as Warner is getting off today as well.

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