It’s Not Going Well for Chuck Long in San Diego

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You can’t be an Iowa Hawkeyes football fan of age 35 or older and not fondly remember Chuck Long, one of the most prolific quarterbacks in Big Ten history. Which means you have to hurt for him at least a little right now.

Long is the head coach of San Diego State, and his team isn’t getting better. it’s 1-4 after Long’s first two Aztecs squads went 3-9 and 4-8.

Wrote Nick Canepa in Wednesday’s San Diego Union-Tribune:

Fact is, State’s program hasn’t improved under coach Chuck Long. It’s gotten worse where it matters most. I don’t believe he honestly can deny it.

He’s been a player and a coach. He knows the drill. Long didn’t take over anything close to Ohio State, but we know it can get better. It’s happened at Vanderbilt. At South Florida. Boise State has become a power. Several others at least have shown a pulse rate.

And very few have what San Diego State has to offer, not in climate, not in facilities and not in location, where the university, at which academics has improved dramatically, sits in an oil field of football talent, where it’s one of but three that play large-school football in Southern California.

There’s something wrong. Don’t tell me there isn’t.

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Canepa has been a frequent critic of Long’s program the last couple of years. But this is what happens when you don’t win, especially in a major market.

Long was the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma, a pretty good gig in college football. But like so many ambitious coaches, he wanted more. He got it.


3 responses to “It’s Not Going Well for Chuck Long in San Diego

  1. Take care in your new gig Chuck.

  2. I like Canepa, he’s like a small-time version of Hlas. 😉

    I’m 28 and I remember Long fondly. He’d be a great replacement for the much-maligned KOK. (double-wink)

  3. Until you get rid of the boozos in admin (A.D and especially the President) nothing will change. New coach, loses for first 3 years and gone. No traction, no improvement. Schemmel is a disaster and should be replaced by a guy who knows his job, stay out of the way and give the coach time to move this big bus around. Until that happens you’ll continue to be lost. I liked Tom Craft, who may have turned the corner given his last year in his contract. But he wasn’t Schemmel’s biotch, so he was not given that opportunity. No, give the boozo’s the boot now.

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