Hawkeye Fans, the Hlog is Again Listening


It’s that time again, Hawkeye football fans.

Another Saturday, anothr round of heartache, confusion, disappointment, anger. Manage your anger. Say what you have to say to the Hlog instead of a family member, friend or neighbor who may not be as charitable.

I’m in East Lansing, but I’ll be coming home to Cedar Rapids tonight to gather up the comments and OK  them for mass-consumption on the heels of the Hawks’ 16-13 loss at Michigan State, and will do so again Sunday. My service has been an amazing healer for the Hawkeye community the past two weekends (all right, not really).

Should Iowa State fans wish to join in the mourning after their team’s loss to Kansas following a 20-zip halftime lead, jump in. Misery loves company, and the Hlog can help you, too.

In the meantime, enjoy the Cubs’ inevitable triumph over the Dodgers tonight as they begin pulling the pieces back together and march toward the World Series.

If you believe that, I have some tickets to the Iowa-USC Rose Bowl matchup that I’d like to sell you.


3 responses to “Hawkeye Fans, the Hlog is Again Listening

  1. That loss really hurt. A lot.

    However, the consolation prize is knowing that we have one of the best RBs in the country. Shonn Greene is a stud.

    And our defense held Mr. Heisman in check.


    But maybe that’s why this loss hurts so much.

  2. it’s only football, hlogger … why do you assume such pain exists … i, for one, will put the same leg in the same pair of pants and trip trying to close the deal because of all those late-night meds my doc has me on … god my elbows are getting sore

  3. The defense for this team is something to behold. And I say that having believed for quite a while that Norm’s signature “bend but don’t break” allows teams to pass underneath all day. Considering that we’ve turned the ball over 8 times in the last 2 games and still been in shape to potentially win is astounding.
    The offense…well, Shonn is everything that he’s been made out to be. The O-line is doing better. Stanzi looked much better, although he’s still making some very bad decisions. I just wish the play calling was, you know, less completely predictable. Imagine what they could have done if MSU didn’t know exactly what we were going to do.

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