Give your thoughts on the coming Iowa-MSU game

The Nevada oddsmakers installed Michigan State as a 9.5-point favorite over Iowa when they came out with their college lines Sunday. It reached 10 points at the Mirage Sunday afternoon.

But bettors have favored the Hawkeyes, and the line was down to 7.5 across Las Vegas as of Thursday afternoon.

How would you wager? What do you foresee happening in East Lansing? How will Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi fare in his first collegiate road start? How many rushing yards do you see MSU’s Javon Ringer and Iowa’s Shonn Greene gaining?

Who’s going to win, by what score, and why?

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14 responses to “Give your thoughts on the coming Iowa-MSU game

  1. MSU 35, Iowa 17

    Iowa won’t stop MSU and MSU will stop Iowa.

    It’s not rocket science.

    Or is it?

  2. I think the Hawks matchup better with MSU than they do with a NW or Indiana. But this is the road in the Big Ten. MSU wins 24-21 with a late FG.

  3. Hawks surprise everyone with 17-10 victory

  4. hawks win this one like last year but get it done in the first overtime. score? well, let’s say 31-24. “gut feeling” i guess. greene plays the entire game. Hlas- what does the Pitt win tonight say about our 1 pt. loss?

  5. Scott: It says Iowa and South Florida are probably equals, and I’d pick the Hawkeyes by a field goal in a bowl game held somewhere other than Tampa.

    Pitt’s not a bad team. South Florida certainly isn’t a great one.

    But the comparative-score game is more fun than meaningful. Penn State crushed Oregon State, Oregon State beat USC. Does that mean Penn State would mutilate USC? Which would you take if both end up 11-1 and meet in a bowl game?

  6. And to go a step further … Since Bowling Green beat Pitt and Pitt beat Iowa, are we to assume Bowling Green would defeat Iowa? Absolutely not.

    But Pitt’s in the early-October driver’s seat to be the Big East’s BCS team. So tip your hat to Dave Wannstedt. For now.

  7. I’m not so sure Bowling Green would lose to Iowa. I can’t wait until UNI gets a shot at Iowa next season.

  8. Iowa matches up well with the Spartans, but the crowd will make it tough for the Hawkeye offense. I say MSU wears down Hawks to win, 24-13

  9. msu 55, iowa 3 … the game might be a little closer than the predicted score … just kidding, it won’t be

  10. Iowa last two games have been really close, I don’t see why this one won’t be the same. All the MSU offense has going for it right now is the power running game (poor Ringer is going to start losing body parts with all the carries they’re giving him), and that’s something the Iowa defense can stop. It’s teams that spread us out and throw lots of quick passes (like say…Northwestern) that give us problems.

    I really don’t see them giving us too many problems on D either. They got gashed by the Cal running game earlier in the year, and Shonn Greene’s a lot better than anyone on Cal.

  11. None of these Iowa matching up better with the Spartans or Greene being able to run will matter one bit if the Hawks can’t hang on to the ball!

  12. If you want to assume that Iowa turning the ball over like it did last week is something that will happen routinely and not the complete fluke it was, then, yeah, we’re probably don’t have much chance. But that seems like a pretty silly assumption.

  13. Iowa has to play perfectly to win, and frankly, they haven’t shown any signs of that lately, even in wins over Cupcake Tech and a hockey school.

  14. oh well…

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