Go Ahead and Vent Right Here, Hawkeye Fans

You know you’re upset. You know things seem to have completely spiraled away this season, already. You need to express yourself.

Let this be your refuge. Just keep it clean and don’t leave yourself open to something a battery of lawyers will need to unravel.

I’ll be checking in later this evening and again Sunday to OK and pass along your thoughts on the Hawkeyes’ 22-17 loss to Northwestern. Go ahead and vent. The Hlog is listening.


13 responses to “Go Ahead and Vent Right Here, Hawkeye Fans

  1. I guess I will vent first. 8 yards to go with 4 downs to win. Yes, Greene is hurt but I think the Hawks (notice, not saying we) have other RB’s. Run the ball 1 or 2 times. Two terrible losses in a row. Ugh!!! Now on the road for two weeks in the Big Ten. Ugh!!!!

  2. I guess I will vent second. I wish Ferentz would have called a play that worked. Bad Ferentz. Next time call Haddy, he’ll know what to do.

  3. It’s time for Kirk Ferentz and Iowa to part ways. This team is an embarrassment on the field and an even bigger one off. 21-20 since 2005, countless arrests and the likelihood you’ll be reading about another player getting arrested Saturday night in your Monday Gazette.

    These are your Iowa Hawkeyes.

  4. Unbelievable! What happened to “next man in?” Last time I checked the Hawks had more than Shonn Greene at RB. Way to show absolutely NO confidence in the O-line to hammer in a TD with plenty of time on the clock. When you throw the ball 3 things can happen – and two of them bad. What was O’Keefe thinking? What a debacle….

  5. Call me slow, but I was never one to say that Ferentz should be fired…that was until last week. I’m sorry. I’m guilty, just like almost every other Iowa fan. I anointed him as the savior and watch us have 3 great years in a row. Turns out, that run was probably only possible because of stud athletes…that could have probably done it without him. I can’t stand all the eternal optimism. It’s time to look in the mirror and ask, is this really the best you get for having one of the top 5 highest paid coaches in football??? Where is this going? Call me a “so-called Iowa fan”, but I think we really need to question where this is going, and are we getting our money’s worth.

  6. It’s embarassing, one week it’s the QB’s, the next week it is the turnovers. The coaches are to blame about every week. This is a far cry from 2002.


  7. the sooner the hawks wake up and fire parker and o”keefe the better off they:ll be . It is within the rules to blitz da. the play calling is so archaic it went out with the pilgrims.

  8. Actually I was pleased with Saturday’s game, much more than the Pitt game. I thought for the most part the offensive played well, especially the O-line. The Defense was incredible, but they can’t be on the field for a whole quarter (3rd).

    What it really came down to is you had young guys making young mistakes.

    I don’t care who you are you can’t win with 5 turnovers.

    P.S. Slammer – You can’t blitz Northwestern. The spread enables the QB to get rid of the ball so quick you’ll get burned. The defense played good enough to win.

  9. You SHOULD lose the game when you commit 2-3 turnovers, let alone 5!

    That said, I really feel as though (despite turnovers) the coaches have lost these past two games. As already pointed out here…first and goal from the 8 and we don’t give Jewell a shot or two. It’s not like the run was not working!

    As Joe says, “it’s embarassing.” I hate to say it because I REALLY like the guy but it’s time for Ferentz to go if he is not willing to cut ties with O’Keefe, Parker, and Morgan (although line has been a LITTLE better this year). I pay a heck of a lot of money ($7k a year) on tickets and for that price I don’t EVER want to see them lose at home!

    Thanks for the shoulder.

  10. I’m tired of hearing all of the talk about how much Kirk Ferentz makes every year. This has absolutely nothing to do with how hard the coaches and student athletes work to win. Until you have coached or played at this level, please keep your negative comments at home. As for Coach Parker, has been doing an outstanding job of coaching this year! The defense can’t be on the field as long as they are and not get tired at some point. No one can. This defense has held us in every game and that all you can ask for. This is a very young team and we will make mistakes and will have some more for us in the future. That’s what you get with young guys, just go ask Michigan what its like. As for you Josh that responded at the end here, you say you pay $7k a year on tickets. I just want to fill you in on something, if you aren’t happy don’t go to the games. Also do you think the Hawkeyes want to go out and lose any game. Simple answer to that one….. ITS NO!!! GO HAWKS!

  11. Stop Whining! We are hawk fans, we’re supposed to stick together through thick and thin. We’ve always been a scrappy bunch. Norm is my hero. If you can’t afford 7K then don’t spend it. I got season tix for a fraction of that. You’re dumb to spend that much. If you see your 7K as an investment then stay home and bet against us. BS.

  12. The defense hasn’t played anyone yet, DJ. You’re about to see how outstanding of a job Parker is doing over these next several weeks. I hope I am wrong.

    I agree the defense can’t be on the field as long as they are and not get tired. What’s your excuse for them coming out of the the half? Northwestern ran 4 plays in 1:30 for 76 yards and a touchdown. Was halftime not long enough to rest the guys?

    Trust me, I am as big of a Hawk fan as you are but enough is enough. DSM Hawk hit the nail on the head…re-read his post, it’s presented better than mine and I couldn’t agree more. Those stud athletes he references resulted in this…


    Besides the price of admission, what’s happened since?

  13. I totally agree with you MGB! We have too many So Called Hawk fans that think these 18-22 student-athletes should win every game. These are the typical clueless people who should spend more time getting involved in other things besides sports. If they already do I hope that they will not blurt out dumb things like I’m reading on here from Josh and DSM Hawk. I hope DSM Hawk changes his loyalty to that red and gold school just north 30 minutes and then he can belly ache all he wants. Trust me on this one, there will be plenty more more for him to complain about.

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