If This Guy’s Any Good, Hawkeyes Got a Bargain


This week, it was announced Chigozie Ejiasi will earn a salary of $44,000 per year in his new role as director of player development for the Iowa football team.

“I’m confident this approach and this position can help us reduce the likelihood of having another off-the-field year like we had in 2007,” said Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta.

Ejiasi is 26 and the job is in his third year of working on the Iowa staff after playing football at the school. So, 44 grand is nothing to gripe about. And who’s to say the job isn’t merely cosmetic, a public-relations move?

But if Ejiasi has a positive effect on the Hawkeye players and helps keep the team out of the police logs and news sections of newspapers, 44 grand is a steal.

It isn’t as if Iowa throws nickels around like manhole covers when it comes to the football staff. By my math, Iowa’s nine full-time assistants were to earn a combined $1,626,700 in 2008. Strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle’s salary is $220,000, and his assistant, Raimond Braithwaite, earns $85,000. The base salary for head coach Kirk Ferentz was $1,470,000, with his total compensation about twice that.

Hey, if the market bears it, fine. I’m not the one paying for it. Which is good, because given the way things are going in Washington and Wall Street, you and I will be paying for a lot more things very soon.

I’m just saying if Ejiasi helps keep two or three Hawkeye players from going wayward in their personal lives, he’s earning his paycheck. And he’ll be helping all of the aforementioned to continue to earn theirs.


5 responses to “If This Guy’s Any Good, Hawkeyes Got a Bargain

  1. Good post. Hey, I was wondering home many states can say they are starting 3 native sons at QB in the NFL this week? And, not one of them went to ISU or IOWA.

  2. Kyle Orton, Kurt Warner…who is the 3rd?

  3. Patrick…. who is your 3rd QB from Iowa? Warner, Orton… then?

  4. Trent Green, I’m pretty sure. He’s starting for the Rams. He’s kind of sort of from Cedar Rapids, I believe.

  5. Yeah, if you look at their bios, Warner for example was actually born in Burlington, IA, and Trent Green was born in CR before moving out when he was in grade school. Orton from the Des Moines area (souteast polk high)

    Pretty cool for Iowa and interesting none of these NFL Qbs chose the Hawks or the Clones.

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