Northwestern-Iowa football on ESPN Classic???


Will someone please explain how or why Saturday’s Northwestern-Iowa football game is on ESPN Classic? Does ESPN know something about this game that we don’t?

No offense to either team, but doesn’t an event have to prove itself to be a classic before it can be defined as one? And frankly, how likely is it that the Wildcats and Hawkeyes will team up to play a game that ranks among the best Kinnick Stadium has ever hosted?

Here’s ESPN’s description of ESPN Classic:

ESPN Classic is a 24-hour, all-sports network devoted to telecasting the greatest games, stories, heroes and memories in the history of sports.

It seems an exaggeration based on Saturday’s programming. Take a look. All times are Eastern, and all of these links are dead.

11:00a – Billiards – 2005 Men’s Trick Shot Magic, First Semifinal
 12:00p – College FootballNorthwestern at Iowa
 3:00p – Drive to the New York Auto Show
 4:00p – Drive to the Los Angeles Auto Show
 5:00p – Drive to the North American International Auto Show
 6:00p – Drive to the Chicago Auto Show
 7:00p – Drive to the New York Auto Show
 8:00p – Boxing – 2001: Acelino Freitas vs. Alfred Kotey
 9:00p – Boxing – 2005: Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo
 10:00p – Boxing – J.C. Chavez
 11:30p – Boxing – 1988: Tyson/M. Spinks
 12:00a – 2007 World Series of Poker

If Iowa and Northwestern play the Game of the Year in college football, or even the Game of the Day, it probably will be the most “Classic” event ESPN Classic airs all day.

But doesn’t it have to establish itself as a classic first? It seems like a lot of needless ressure to put on the two teams.

Go out there and play one of the most stirring football games mankind has ever seen, men. Don’t just play hard. Do amazing things, things that far transcend anything you’ve ever done in your lives.

No, this game looks like Big Ten Network material. You know, where the league’s many so-so games are shown each week.



2 responses to “Northwestern-Iowa football on ESPN Classic???

  1. I agree-I wonder if they screwed up and meant ESPNU? This weekend’s game will now be on the same level as Game 6 of the 86 World Series and the 93 Colorado Michigan game. Maybe they know something we don’t? ….I got it, final score: 5-4: instant classic!

  2. One day long ago there was “Classic” Coke which was then replaced by “new” Coke. After awhile, they just returned to the “Classic” which was really just the same old thing. Maybe that’s what ESPN was thinking when they named the channel?

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