Hawkeye Fans, the Hlog is Listening


Feeling a little hang-dog about Iowa’s 21-20 football loss at Pittsburgh?

Go ahead and vent. The Hlog will compile your emotions and present them here Sunday. 

Keep it clean, please. The Hlog doesn’t work blue.


14 responses to “Hawkeye Fans, the Hlog is Listening

  1. Coach Kirk should have played the backup QB more; I think he’s better than Jacobsen. I think the backup gives them a better chance to win some Big 10 games. Wonder if Kirk decided to give Jake the whole second half without interference to see if he could do it. After all, it was a nonconference game. I’d name the backup the starter for next week.

  2. How can O’Keefe let another amazing performance from Shonn Greene be wasted? 146 yds and no win?!?!?! Take a page out of the Mich St. playbook. Run, Run, Run, Run, Run. Win.

  3. Very strange game, reminding me of MSU (without the turnaround) last year. If you recall, we ran at will against MSU, except when we forgot to, which was often.

    It’s bizarre that we controlled the LOS and absolutely punished them with Greene — until we didn’t. With a back like Greene you run him 20-25 times in the first three quarters so that in the fourth he cleans up. Shonn should have had 200 yards+ yesterday, and been running wild like John Riggins in the 4th.

    I’m not going to get into the KOK story and which QB should be on the field. We win if we just use Greene more intelligently, despite all of that.

  4. I watched the game here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, it looked the same here in the Arabian desert as it did in Pittsburgh and back in Iowa City. The coaching was mystifying. Sometimes you play poorly. Sometimes you play better teams. And sometimes you get outcoached. Mr. Ferentz and his millions have been consistently outcoached the last few seasons, and when you’re outcoached by Mr. Wannstedt, well, I have a gut feeling that unless Stanzi is the QB the rest of the way, unless Mr. O’Keefe figures out how to build a creative offensive game plan, and unless Mr. Parker realizes that the blitz and multiple defenses are legal now, the Hawkeyes and their fans will be shortchanged again in 2008. And that’s a shame…

  5. Shonn looked like he was limping near the end of the game, I don’t think running him more would have helped. He’s still working himself back into shape, you can’t give him a workload like MSU has given Ringer (who I guarantee is going to start to fall off because of the way they’ve overused him).

    The mistake here was completely ignoring what happened in the first half and going with Christensen to start the second, then never going back to Stanzi at all the rest of the game. Stanzi completely outplayed him in the first half, and it was obvious that the offense runs much more smoothly with him in the game. For God’s sake, even Pam Ward saw it! I can not for the life of me figure out why Kirk buried the kid on the bench again after a first half where he completed 70% of his passes and was moving the offense into scoring position consistently. Especially since Jake was having yet another painfully erratic day. Christensen is a great kid and teammate, but he has proven conclusively over the course of his career that he doesn’t have the pocket presence and accuracy to be a starting college quarterback. Time to stop ignoring that and let Stanzi have a chance to develop. Maybe he’ll make some dumb mistakes here and there, but at least he’s shown that he has the ability to make all the throws and be a productive starting quarterback.

  6. Who is this ‘Jacobsen’ of which you speak?

  7. i thought auburn played well enough to win … lsu is just tougher

  8. If the coaching staff was making a point by benching Stanzi in the second half, it was a costly point. It cost them a game (likely) and perhaps a bowl game (see last season). Seems unfair to the other 100-plus other students on the team.

  9. Look at the tape on our last possession of the half, and it does appear that there was conflict and confusion, with RS running a play and KOK yelling about something. Conforms with the current internet rumor that he was benched for not taking a knee, and saying he didn’t understand the KOK shouted instructions. Which is a pretty big deal if true because these coaches will not play someone they consider insubordinate.

    I don’t understand how, 10.3 years into this regime, there are communications problems EVERY GAME between KOK and his quarterbacks. We have seen this exaggerated now since Tate blew his cool and aired out his vocabulary three years back.

    To Adam, above: football is a game of finding the strategic mismatch, and beating that mismatch to death or until the other guys adapt.

    We’ve got a guy who is averaging more yards per carry than our QB is averaging per pass. This is a huge anomaly. It is very rare. Some brilliant and humorous reporter will no doubt highlight this stat in an actual newspaper, because it tells you all need to know about what we’ve had on O this year.

    In a game like this one, esp. on the road with uncertainty at QB and an O-Line that was capable of taking complete control physically in Q4, it’s simply strange that Shonn wasn’t given the ball 10-12 times more than he was. Sure, he looked a little gassed, but the dude is 23, he’s been working out with Doyle et al since June, and he is crushing people. And if he was hurt, the O-Line was still capable of destroying their will and we have two other guys who can run behind that line. Strange, strange mix of plays and players v. Pitt.

  10. Correction: on the season, Jake is averaging 6.6 per pass attempt. Shonn 6.5 per carry. With a sample of four games, this difference is statistically meaningless.

    Against Pitt, Shonn averaged 6.4 ypc. Jake was 5.2 ypa. This difference is astounding.

  11. The Hawks don’t play with a sense of urgency; they don’t play to win. It just seems like they’re always trying to minimize the margin of defeat.

  12. If I see Jake throw one more pass to the receiver’s feet I will go crazy.
    Is it just me or does this seem to happen 4 or 5 times per game? It’s insane.
    A win at Pittsburgh would have been huge for this football team. HUGE!


  13. so you think Stanzi was benched for not downing it? wow…different idea.

    To the stats points above…Jake was 5.2 ypa only because of the miracle toss to DJK…miracle. Ferentz had to be thinking, “OMG…here’s another jump-ball”

  14. With 4 minutes left in the 3rd, Shonn was so slow getting up that a trainer came across the field to check on him, and with 9 min left in the 4th, he was limping badly. He was spent. We have got to get a passing attack that scores, and relieves the burden on Shonn. Stanzi is a piece of the equation, but the other part is receivers or routes that encourage separation vs the defenders.

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