Finally, the Hlog is Coming to Pittsburgh

Before I stepped foot in Pittsburgh proper for the first time last year, I envisioned it as a grimy, gritty place. You know, factories belching in every direction and factory-workers belching in every direction.

Silly me. It turns out Pittsburgh isn’t the pits. It’s very scenic, with its three rivers and all sorts of bridges, a downtown that doesn’t roll up its sidewalks at 5 p.m., brand-new baseball and football stadiums that are first-rate, old neighborhoods that seem like great places to have pizza or kielbasa or whatever goes good with an ice cold Iron City beer.

The architecture is exquisite, the skyline impressive. Pittsburgh isn’t a huge city, not a Philadelphia or Boston or Cleveland. It’s all right, though.

The purpose of the trip is college football. Iowa and Pittsburgh. I haven’t covered a Pitt game since it lost to Iowa State in the 2000 Bowl. If Iowa-Pitt is half as good as that ISU-Pitt game was, it will be worth the trip. OK, two-thirds as good.


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