Steve Alford: New Mexico Has Given Me What Iowa Didn’t

Iowa just doesn’t rank with the rest of the Big Ten when it comes to men’s basketball facilities and niceties.

Is that a statement of fact? It’s quite possible. But does Steve Alford need to say it now that he’s in New Mexico instead of Iowa? That’s arguable.

Alford doesn’t go around ripping Iowa. But when he’s asked about how fabulous everything is in Albuquerque for him, he uses Iowa as a reference point. He did so again in a new interview with his pal, Andy Katz.

“The last couple of years at Iowa, it didn’t matter how hard I worked,” said Alford. “We were going up against [Big Ten teams] that had more bullets in their gun.”

“I want to be here,” Alford said. “It’s got everything I’ve ever wanted. … But I couldn’t get it [at Iowa]. And if you don’t have it, then it’s not good enough to compete with Indiana, Ohio State and Michigan State year in and year out if your facilities aren’t as good, if not better.”

Oh brother. Is he telling us that he didn’t recruit a single player who was drafted by an NBA team in his 8-year Iowa tenure because of the program’s facilities? 

Was it just the facilities as the explanation why Alford left his Iowa successor, Todd Lickliter, without more than a couple of players who would be starters at any other Big Ten program other than maybe Northwestern? It seems unlikely.

Is this beating a dead horse? Of course. But when a former Iowa coach says such things about the school and its facilities, it’s news. Here’s the link to the ESPN story:


7 responses to “Steve Alford: New Mexico Has Given Me What Iowa Didn’t

  1. You have GOT to be kidding me..

    Alford “wanted” to be here..yet he couldn’t recruit..couldn’t keep a hold of the players he had recruited…had players comitting felonies.

    There was no way in HELL that Iowa would build him facilities when he couldnt hold up his end of the bargain.

  2. Why wouldn’t you blast Iowa? Isn’t that easier than looking in the mirror and realizing that you ae an arrogant, egomaniac that was a Rodney Bufford away from being blasted out of the Missouri Valley Conference. This is par for the course for Alford, nothing has ever been his problems only why he has not been successful because of what others didn’t do for him. Shocked? No. Disguted? As the day he was hired.

  3. Give me a break, the arrogance never ceases to amaze me with this guy. He was a punk when he played at IU and kept that attitude every place he has gone.

    He couldn’t recruit and that was Iowa’s fault. Couldn’t keep felons on his team, I’m sure that was the school’s fault as well.

    Thanks for nothing Steve, you almost made me stop watching my beloved Hawkeyes during hoops season.

    Once the previous coach’s players at UNM are gone and Alford starts losing there, I’m sure it will be the schools fault there as well.

  4. what a bum.

    for NM’s sake i hope he gives them what he never gave Iowa. a coach. i doubt he can deliver.

  5. a little known fact about mr. alford is that his middle name is gonna.

    he’s always gonna do something. he’s gonna recruit, he’s gonna win games, he’s gonna win titles.

    but outside of making free throws and wide open shots he couldn’t create himself (although i’m sure he was always gonna do that, too) the only thing bowlsby’s punk is ever gonna get good at eventually is writing resumes.

  6. This is what upsets me about you and your love of Iowa. Would you ever stick up for UNI like this? UNI has had the most all around success in every sport in the state of Iowa for the past 10 years.

  7. Those facilities were good enough to get him two Big Ten tournament titles, which he made sure to try and try to pass off as regular-season league titles.

    Alford is starting to remind me of Tommy Flanagan, played by Jon Lovitz on Saturday Night Live.

    “I didn’t win because…Iowa has bad facilities. Yeah, that’s the ticket! My cousin, Bill Russell, yes, that’s it, Bill Russell, we couldn’t believe it. Everyone knows without proper facilities, you…you can’t protect double-digit leads in the last half of the second half. Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

    I’m trying to think of another coach who has bad-mouthed a former employer as much as he has since leaving Iowa.

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