The Big Ten Network: It’s All Mine!

For almost a week now, I’ve had access to the Big Ten Network on my cable system.

Saturday night, had I chosen, I could have watched Indiana play Murray State in football. I instead chose to watch something else, I don’t remember what. Probably a college football game with two Division I-A teams instead of one.

It’s 11:15 p.m. Monday as I type this, and what’s on the BTN but a replay of a men’s soccer game between Penn State and Bucknell. OH MY! SOMEONE JUST STOLE THE BALL AND ALMOST HAD A SHOT ON GOAL!

Bucknell is ahead 1-0 with 26:34 left in the second half and I can’t take the suspense. I’m going to find the final score on the Internet.


Wisconsin Campus Programming is on at 3 a.m. But I’ll be asleep by then, even if it requires hitting myself in the head several times with a ball-peen hammer to get it done.


3 responses to “The Big Ten Network: It’s All Mine!

  1. I saw the same thing, I think. Wasn’t this the first time since the 1920’s (maybe 1970’s? whatever, a long time.) that Bucknell had even led PSU in a soccer match. I heard something to the effect that all Bucknell players were scholarship players, or was that no one was? Hrmmm
    Still, it was great to see a so called minor sport get some air-time.

  2. and on ESPN2 there was live poker!

  3. 1. Bucknell has ZERO scholarship players. They give athletic scholarships only in basketball and possibly wrestling (which is not a Patriot League sport).

    2. The last time Bucknell beat Penn State in soccer was in the mid-70’s when they knocked them out of the NCAA tournament when Chris and Matt Bahr played for the Nits.

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