Sunday’s Seven: College Football Week in Review

1. The Big Ten went 11-0 Saturday. That’s perfection. It also isn’t all that impressive since 10 of those games were at home, and only two of them were from teams in BCS conferences. Those two were less-than-mighty Oregon State and Duke. But nobody lost.

2. Among the teams the Big Ten conquered were Florida International, Murray State, Northern Colorado and Eastern Illinois. Not a great showcase day for the Big Ten Network.

3.  Oklahoma is the best team in the country. Right now, anyway. The Sooners belted Cincinnati, 52-26, and Cincinnati is pretty good. OU had 592 yards. Who’s going to beat that team in the regular season?

4. The rankings, as always, are a joke. East Carolina is 14th in the AP poll, 20th in the coaches’ rankings.  In two weeks, the Pirates have beaten Virginia Tech and West Virginia. Name another team that has done more. I’m not saying they should be No. 1. But look at several of the teams ranked above ECU and who they’ve played. Virginia Tech and West Virginia, folks.

5. Juice Williams had one touchdown pass and two interceptions in Illinois’ 47-24 win over Eastern Illinois. Not too good, right? Well, Juice also rushed 16 times for 174 yards and two TDs. Very exciting player.

6. Notre Dame isn’t good. Again.

7. Did I say Oklahoma had the best team in the nation? I meant USC.


One response to “Sunday’s Seven: College Football Week in Review

  1. The Big 12 went 12-0, too. First time in the history of the Big 12.

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