NCAA-Iowa Live Blogging National Nightmare is Over

TO: Iowa Media

FROM: Phil Haddy

RE: Blogging Policy September 5, 2008

Upon further review The University of Iowa Athletics Department has decided to suspend its blogging policy for the coming year. The NCAA policy applies only to post-season championships. Iowa has supported that policy for a number of years in its regular season events. We still have strong concerns and questions about this media phenomenon and the effect it will have on our media partners. We’ll continue to study the situation and let you know which direction the University will proceed in the future.

The Hlog’s reaction: This was a common-sense reaction by Iowa to a common-sense protest by the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Iowa’s stance is it doesn’t want to see primarily play-by-play in the live blogging sessions because of its broadcast rights. It isn’t a totally unreasonable position, though perhaps an overreaction. Anyone who is live blogging should be doing more than that, anyhow, because anyone with a radio or TV available doesn’t need a play-by-play account.

We who are doing this (including yours truly Saturday at 10:45 a.m. – the link will be at’s main sports page) should provide an interactive, give-and-take service, anyway, not be hung up on Shonn Greene up the middle for six yards.

But make no mistake about it. Had the Gazette not strongly protested, it would have been another small defeat for the free press in specific and the human race in general. If that seems just a bit overdramatic, hey, it’s time government started working for you instead of the other way around.

The Hlog approved this message.


4 responses to “NCAA-Iowa Live Blogging National Nightmare is Over

  1. Miss Dairy Queen

    The NCAA, and everyone who works there and/or supports its pre-Civil War policies, should each die a slow, miserable, excruciatingly painful, waterboarded death.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Suddenly I’ve become hungry for a Blizzard…

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