Forget the Maine

Crafty JackCosgrove and the Maine Black Bears are airborne as I write this, heading home to Orono to regroup and prepare to give the Monmouth Whoevers the beatings of their lives next Saturday.

Bring on Florida International. The Golden Panthers are getting ready to stun the Kansas Jayhawks tonight in Lawrence. And by stun, the Hlog means lose by less than 55 points.

Because the Hlog did such a thorough job scouting Maine the last month, Iowa undoubtedly was the best-prepared team in America this week. With a just a week to prep for Florida International, the Hlog can’t promise the same results.

Oh, sure it can. Another 46-3 type win is in the offing for Iowa, and you all know it. Then the real season begins.

By the way,  Utah over Michigan isn’t a true upset. The Utes are good. The Wolverines? Not so much.

More thoughts on the Saturday slate tomorrow after a little time to size up everything.


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