Iowa Football Has the Easiest Schedule/Most-Overpaid Coach?



To hear Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News tell it, Iowa is in position to grab a bunch of college football wins this year.


But Wilner, a fine college sports writer for that Bay Area paper, doesn’t say the reason is the Hawkeyes’ personnel.


Wilner: “Kirk Ferentz hasn’t done much since his recruits formed the bulk of his roster, but there’s no way he won’t win at least even (Hlog note: Wilner probably meant seven, not even) with the Hawkeyes’ oh-so-soft lineup: Maine, Florida International, Iowa State and Pittsburgh, plus Penn State and Wisconsin at home, and no Michigan or Ohio State.”


The guy slapped both Iowa and Iowa State in one blow. So he’s balanced.


But when you’re calling the mighty, mighty Maine Black Bears soft, you’ve gone too far.


The link:


If that wasn’t enough, none other than Forbes Magazine is calling Ferentz the nation’s most-overpaid college football coach. That’s an opinion provided in one of a series of stories in the business and financial magazine’s look at “The Business of College Football.”


Forbes: “The most overpaid coach is Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz, who made $3.4 million last year despite lackuster results on the field. … Just how lopsided is Ferentz’s deal? During the last three years he’s pocketed $10 million, including $4.6 million in 2006, but has led the Hawkeyes to a 19-18 record.”


Gee, the Hlog would have gone with Notre Dame’s Crewcut Charlie Weis as most-overpaid, given he has his own television network (NBC) and still went just 3-9 last year.

Don’t forget, Hawkeye fans, writers from border to border were calling Ferentz the best or one of the best coaches in the country a few years ago. You’re only as terrific or as deserving of your millions as what you’ve done lately.

The Forbes link:








6 responses to “Iowa Football Has the Easiest Schedule/Most-Overpaid Coach?

  1. Thanks for the info. Yeah, he’s really not respecting the Maine Bears. I think Forbes should stick to whatever else they do. Let’s see what ANY team would do losing its two starting wide receivers and backup (Stross) for quite a few games, the Mackey watchlist TE (Moeaki), the starting LT (arguably the most important position with an already young line and a new quarterback. I think that would give any team in the nation reason to have a difficulty in offensive production. Look out this year. And what the heck? Quit talking about how terrible it is we don’t play Michigan. Isn’t this THE year you want to play Michigan at home? I’d rather play them this year in the Big House than at Michigan State or at Illinois. Not playing Ohio State is a nice break but maybe we’ll see by the end of the year that it was nice THEY didn’t have to play us.

  2. Michigan’s lucky we don’t play them this year, bay-bee …

  3. More overpaid than Charlie Weis, Hlas? Really? How about making $50 mill a year for a school that is 1/4the size of Iowa. Overpaid? Ferentz is clearly the most overpaid coach in the US. Ask the ticket manager in IC. PLEASE. Quit being such a homer.

  4. What Forbes didn’t mention, and as a market-watching magazine, I’m surprised they didn’t, is that Ferentz renegotiated his contract at the perfect time. The Hawks were coming off successful seasons, Jan. bowl games and top-10 finished. Ferentz’ name was mentioned for several NFL jobs. His market was at its peak and he was able to cash in. Does his pay match his team’s performance these past couple seasons? No. But I believe that part, if not most, of his high pay right now can be attributed to 2002-04. Had we continued to be very successful between 05-07, the pay would be even higher the next time around and we’d be having this same discussion.

  5. He’s also the most overpaid as far as coaches who control the behavior of their team. The long stance of soft discipline has caught up with him in a major way.

  6. Iowa Football Coach Ferentz will get is team back to where it was between 2002 and 2006. Ferentz is a great coach, just as good as Stoops who always get a great group of players ever year, better then Iowa gets. Just like Fry at Iowa who had up and down years, the over all picture for Ferentz will be vert good. Iowa wants to maintain a solid football program and doesn’t want to go back to 19 years of loosing football. Iowa has had some great coaches, Howard who went on to coach at USC, Eve who stopped coaching to become Athletic Dir, Fry who retired, now Ferentz. Iowa wants Ferentz to retire at Iowa and not go anywhere else, same as Iowa had with Fry. I fill Iowa has made a smart move in keeping Ferentz.

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