We’ll All Be Fat in 2048


That’s not me telling you this, it’s your government.

According to a Reuters story (http://tinyurl.com/6len42), it’s possible every American adult could be overweight 40 years from now, a government-funded study projects.

“Genetically and physiologically, it should be impossible” for all U.S. adults to become overweight, said Dr. Lan Liang of the federal government’s Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, one of the researchers on the study.

 However, if the trends of the past 30 years persist, “that is the direction we’re going.”

As Ed Begley Jr. said in the movie “Pittsburgh,” NG. Not Good.

It’ll make for bad baseball, worse basketball, ugly golf, impossible tennis. Bowling, however, may enjoy some of its best times in history.

Keep it positive, the Hlog always says.


One response to “We’ll All Be Fat in 2048

  1. C’mon, 100% of Americans being overweight? It’ll never happen. We have enough anorexics, manorexics, and high-school wrestlers to keep that from occurring.

    Check me out at asad123.wordpress.com. It’s my commentary on music, religion, and pop-culture.

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