Remember the Maine – 25 Days Till Kickoff

Oh, that crafty University of Maine football coach Jack Cosgrove is at it again. Do you think Crafty Jack is going to give away any of his secrets for battling Iowa Aug. 30 at Kinnick Stadium? Heck no.

The Black Bears had their first practice of the 2008 season Monday, and here’s what Crafty Jack had to say:

“Today’s practice is designed more for getting the first-year players used to how a practice will be run. Tomorrow will be our first true practice. I’m looking forward to it.”

Just because Maine has a big game at the Monmouth Hawks the Saturday after the Iowa game doesn’t mean it can treat its game against the Hawkeyes as a mere tune-up.  Speaking of the Monmouth Hawks, you won’t find a logo much more ferocious than theirs:

As if playing at Monmouth weren’t enough of a challenge, the Black Bears have their home-opener Sept. 13 against the Stony Brook Seawolves.

Here are the game times for those three clashes. These are Iowa times, not Maine times. To list Maine times would be to play right into the paws of those Black Bears.

Aug. 30 At Iowa 11 a.m.
Sept. 6 At Monmouth Noon.
Sept. 13 STONY BROOK 5 p.m.

One response to “Remember the Maine – 25 Days Till Kickoff

  1. I am a ’78 grad from Ohio State. The Hawks are my 2nd favorite team. I am rooting for a great year for the Hawkeyes, and will always believe that the “Big Ten” wasn’t really the “BIG” 10 until Hayden’s Hawks arrived and really shook things up. There is great tradition at Iowa, and I will be cheering for the 2008 Hawks to add to it.

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