Remember the Maine – 32 Days Till Kickoff

The Maine-Iowa football game is a month and a day away. But for some reason, news about what those crafty Black Bears are up to isn’t leaking out of the Maine borders.

What are they hiding?

The Black Bears will have to come out of hibernation next Monday, however, because that’s when practice starts. The Hlog will monitor things closely.  No one on the Hlog staff is complacent about the mighty Bears, who were 4-7 last year and lost to Connecticut, 38-0. Those who dwell on the past are doomed to repeat the future. Or something like that.

In the meantime, we have this news on New York Mets starting pitcher John Maine:

Maine was forced to leave the game in the fifth inning of the Mets’ 7-3 loss to Florida Monday night because of stiffness in his right shoulder. Maine was scheduled to have an MRI today in New York.

The Mets began Tuesday with a half-game lead over Florida in the National League East. They need Maine, who is 9-7 and pitched very effectively Monday before he left and New York’s bullpen had an eighth-inning cave-in.

That Maine is of a lot more concern in the Northeast than the football team of Maine. Or so the Eastern liberal media would have you believe.


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