Penn State is Outscoring Iowa – in Football Arrests

According to an ESPN study of Pennsyvlania court records and reports, 46 Penn State football players have faced 163 criminal charges since 2002 and 27 have been convicted of or have pleaded guilty to a combined 45 counts.

Most recently, former Nittany Lions wide receiver Chris Bell pleaded guilty July 22 to making terroristic threats for an April incident in which he pulled a knife on a teammate in a university dining hall.

“We tried to get kids that were good, solid kids,” Penn State Coach Joe Paterno said. “We may have made a mistake or two, but there was no deliberate attempt.”

Which led someone at to ask, is it Penn State or State Penn?

For all the bad publicity Iowa has gotten for 18 football players running afoul of the law in ways really bad and, well, less than really bad, Penn State is the Big Ten’s runaway leader in dubious acts over the last several years.

Big Ten football. It’s violent. It’s dangerous. And that’s just off the field.


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