Brett Favre to Iowa?


The Iowa Chops, Des Moines’ entry in the American Hockey League, is trying to inject its off-season with some stunts for attention.

Hey, it’s minor-league pro sports. Stunts are what they do.

So the Chops have offered a contract to “retired” Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre, though he already is under contract to the Packers.

 “Brett is one of the greatest American athletes of the past 50 years and deserves a place to play, so we are extending an offer to him to become the newest member of the Iowa Chops Hockey team of the American Hockey League,” said Chops president Steve Nitzel.  

“We can offer him plenty of bone-crushing hits, read-and-react plays, and thousands of fans cheering for him, so what’s not to like about that?” said Nitzel.  “All we have to do is sharpen his skating skills and after that his athletic instincts will take over and he’ll be one heck of a hockey player.” 

Nitzel said the Iowa Chops will be sending a contract to Favre’s agent.

“We live in a beautiful, Midwestern city here in Des Moines and play in a state-of-the-art major league venue at Wells Fargo Arena, so that meets Brett’s criteria of places to play,” said Nitzel.  “We wanted to be the first team to offer him something new and challenging, and I believe he will enjoy the thrill of raising the Calder Cup just as much as he did the Vince Lombardi Trophy back in 1997.”

You know, this is so crazy it just might work.

Er … no.


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