Alford: I Was Duped


Steve Alford, the University of New Mexico’s men’s basketball coach, is doing a tricky political dance in the Land of Enchantment these days.

Alford announced he will still attend a July 16th fundraiser for Republican congressional candidate Sheriff Darren White, but will not permit pictures of him to be taken with partygoers and sold for $1,000 each. The money was to have gone to White’s campaign war chest.

Alford, whom you may remember from his days as the University of Iowa’s men’s basketball coach, said he was duped into appearing at White’s party because it was “falsely advertised.”

“I explained to Darren that I don’t charge money for photographs, since I have always thought that it’s wrong for athletes to charge fans for autographs and photos,” Alford said in a statement.

Gotta love those prepared statements.

“I don’t endorse political candidates,” Alford said. “However, I am a man of my word and plan to attend the event.”

Not that attending would constitute an endorsement. Especially when you’ve let the people of White’s Congressional district know you’re attending.

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One response to “Alford: I Was Duped

  1. Wonderful touch for Alford to drop the “I’m a man of my word” line. White may want to ask Alford not to show up. His appearance could lead to White leading the vote count by a sizeable margin until the final precinct reports and then lose by a last second vote.

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