Favre Saga May Not Be All That Complicated


Has anyone considered that Brett Favre was simply tired of playing in Green Bay in the winter?

You surely saw that New York Giants-Green Bay Packers NFC title game in the inhumanely cold Wisconsin weather. Did Favre, the career-long Packer, look comforttable dodging both Giants defenders and frostbite? The Giants’ Eli Manning, a Southerner by birth, was the QB that day who seemed to adjust better to the polar conditions. And to the opposing defense.

Maybe Favre is simply tired of Wisconsin’s Friday night fish fries? Maybe he is tired of not being able to find a decent meal anywhere in Green Bay other than his own steakhouse?

Or maybe Favre is just one more spoiled pro athlete who thinks his sport should dance to his tune.

I’m just askin’.


2 responses to “Favre Saga May Not Be All That Complicated

  1. If you have ever eaten at his steak house you would not be saying that.

  2. Show your support for Brett Favre at Free-Favre.com

    Sign the online petition

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