College Football Grand Larceny: Kirk Ferentz? Seems a Tad Harsh


I report, you decide. Actually, it’s more like I steal from a popular Web site, you decide if it’s valid, bogus, or nothing that hasn’t already been kicked around Iowa fot some time now.

The Big Lead is the site. It doesn’t think the Iowa Hawkeyes are getting as much bang for their college football coaching buck as, say, LSU. In fact, in overheated terms, it uses the phrase “College Football Grand Larceny: Kirk Ferentz.”

Full-time bloggers have all the fun. Leeches like myself grab their sensational headlines and hope to pad my hit counts. In the words of the cashier at the Edgewood Road Subway, “It’s all good.” He said that to me twice in one visit tonight.

But maybe happy days are here again in Hawkdom or are at least right around the corner. Phil Steele, the god of all preseason college football magazines in the Hlog’s eyes, has the Hawkeyes finishing high in the 2008 Big Ten football race. If anyone else says it, it would be debatable. If Phil Steele says it, it just came down a mountain on stone tablets.

If that doesn’t happen and Iowa should go, er, 6-6 again, expect more digs at Captain Kirk Ferentz like this one:


2 responses to “College Football Grand Larceny: Kirk Ferentz? Seems a Tad Harsh

  1. Hey, don’t forget about the website that’s calling Ferentz one of college football’s seven most overrated coaches.

  2. I wrote the piece not as a shot at Iowa (I have no opinion of them) but more of a question as to why Ferentz does not have all sorts of heat on him. In an era when schools are losing a lot of money I find it amazing that a university could rationalize paying a man that much money for 6 wins a year.

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