ESPN Doomsday Purveyor: Iowa in the Motor City Bowl



People who write about college football have occasional summer doldrums. So it is with’s Mark Schlabach, who has his bowl projections for the coming season at the site right now, in June.

When everyone is 0-0. When the first of many upsets to come has yet to occur.

Well, why not? It’s all just entertainment. But how entertaining is it for Iowa Hawkeyes fans to see their team projected to go to the (shudder) Motor City Bowl to play the Fighting Cardinals of Ball State?

Schlabach has Ohio State making its annual trip to the BCS championship game, Wisconsin representing the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl, Illinois in the Capitol One Bowl, Penn State in the Outback, Michigan State in the Alamo, Michigan in the Champs Sports, Purdue in the Insight, and … Iowa in the lowly Motor City.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Tickets for the Motor City Bowl are next to nothing. Correction: Ford Field in Detroit, the site of the game, is next to nothing.

But look at it this way. Ball State will be a clear step up in competition from the two teams Iowa opens the season against, Maine and Florida International.

Ball St

(the Ball State Cardinal – the fact this is a waste basket is not an editorial comment)

The prophet of doom’s work is at


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