Where’s the Water Conservation?


I don’t think many Cedar Rapidians are hearing or receiving the message. They’ve got to stop using city water for anything except the absolutely essential for as long as we’re told to during this flood and its aftermath.

I had lunch at a Cedar Rapids pizzeria Friday and the server asked if I wanted Mountain Dew, Pepsi, water …

No. Serving water should be taboo given the dire water situation in C.R. So should washing dishes, running washing machines, maybe even making coffee and tea. Local media have made note of the water situation, but I wonder if most people are listening. Are they holding off on taking showers?

Of course, what kind of dope am I? As a reader noted to me, the pizzeria probably is using more than a little water in food preparation.

I went to a supermarket after that lunch expecting to see bottled water sold out. It was a pleasant surprise to see water still in stock, and just as pleasant to see a lot of customers hauling 24-packs of it in their carts. But my gut says enough people are showering and using water in other ways to their hearts’ content, and it will come at a cost. Hope I’m wrong.

I’m going to wash my hair with bottled water tomorrow. Better to feel filthy-rich than just plain filthy.


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