Iowa-ISU Series Extended: Duh, Not Doh!



Pity the fool who would try to pull the curtain down on the Iowa-Iowa State football series. Pity the fool who would use such an old, tired expression as “Pity the fool.”

Thanks to sanity on both parties involved, the Cyclones and Hawkeyes are committed to meeting each other in football through 2017. This insures the series will remain longer-running than “The Simpsons,” which Fox announced Tuesday it was renewing for a 20th straight season.

“The Simpsons” has been more entertaining than most Iowa-ISU games, but their writers get to control the scripts and the characters. Plus, they have those serrated heads and funny catch-phrases. Some of the things Homer Simpson does, well, they sort of defy reality. Don’t you think?

What would Iowa have possibly done had it determined extending its annual tussle with Iowa State was a bad idea? Lock up a home-and-away series with a USC or a Texas or a Florida? Not bloody likely, as my good friends in Liverpool like to say. So why not stay with the state rivalry instead of taking the political hit a cancellation would cause.

After opening this season with Maine and Florida International, Iowa fans should be grateful to see Iowa State, a team from an actual BCS conference. The remaining question is if they’ll still be glad after playing the Cyclones. Thankfully, it’s a question that can be asked from now until at least 2017.

By then, Bart Simpson will be about old enough to run for president of the United States. Insert your own punch line in the comments section.


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