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Hlas Column on Jake Kelly Departing Hawkeyes Basketball Program

Oh dear. Oh no. Oh brother.

Pick your reaction or reactions, Hawkeye basketball fans. They all fit. When your best player is transferring out — and you could argue this is the third-straight year it’s happening if you were a Tony Freeman fan — you have a program that’s running on ice.

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Minnesota Football Coach Tim Brewster is FIRED UP!

Hey Coach Brewster, the Hlog just gave you a free plug

Hey Coach Brewster, the Hlog just gave you a free plug

First and foremost, the Hlog got wind of Minnesota football coach Tim Brewster’s Twitter feed and Web site from our friends at

Now, those gentlemen occasionally work a bit blue and once in a great while step over the line with a toe or two. OK, they do so every day, with all 10 toes in a synchronized stomp on what some prudes commonly call “good taste.” Continue reading

Ames and Iowa City are the Lands of Milk and Honey, Hope and Dreams

Ames - No ghost (down)town for business

Ames - No ghost (down)town for business

If you’re like me, you run from news stories that use the word “unemployment.” How many times can you hear or see the wordit, even if you’re one of the lucky ones to still be employed?

Well, here’s some good news:

Two of the 10 U.S. metropolitan areas with the lowest unemployment rates in January were Ames and Iowa City, according to the U.S. Labor Department. Continue reading

Larry Eustachy Compares Himself to AIG – But Makes an Un-AIG Move

Larry Eustachy, trying to earn his salary

Larry Eustachy, trying to earn his salary

It hasn’t been an altogether-successful ride for Larry Eustachy as the men’s basketball coach at Southern Mississippi, but the folks in Hattiesburg can’t say Eustachy is tone-deaf.


While Connecticut’s Jim Calhoun defiantly said “Not a dime back” when asked if he’d peel off any of the king’s ransom of a salary he makes to give it back to his cash-strapped state, Eustachy is refusing a $25,000 bonus owed to him because of an attendance incentive in his contract. Continue reading

Vote for Your “Favorite” Recession Photo

(AP photo)

This is 1/35th of what I think is an amazing collection of recession-related photos from around the world.

They were recently posted on the Boston Globe’s site, Most of the photos were shot within the last month.

Photo No. 30 hurts me, a newspaper guy since I was three months old, as much as any. I’m guessing you can find a couple (or 35) that get to you.

Share your thoughts about any or all of the photos in the comments box. In fact, share your thoughts about anything.

Kurt Looby is Tearing Up the NBA D-League

Kurt Looby didnt lack for hustle at Iowa (AP photo)

Kurt Looby didn't lack for hustle at Iowa (AP photo)

Frankly, I never pictured Kurt Looby as an NBA prospect when he played at Iowa. I didn’t even picture him as an NBA D-League prospect.

Well, Looby is playing his way toward a roster spot on somebody’s NBA summer league team, and he’s doing it in the D-League. Continue reading