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Minnesota Football Coach Tim Brewster is FIRED UP!

Hey Coach Brewster, the Hlog just gave you a free plug

Hey Coach Brewster, the Hlog just gave you a free plug

First and foremost, the Hlog got wind of Minnesota football coach Tim Brewster’s Twitter feed and Web site from our friends at http://www.blackheartgoldpants.com

Now, those gentlemen occasionally work a bit blue and once in a great while step over the line with a toe or two. OK, they do so every day, with all 10 toes in a synchronized stomp on what some prudes commonly call “good taste.” Continue reading

Kurt Looby is Tearing Up the NBA D-League

Kurt Looby didnt lack for hustle at Iowa (AP photo)

Kurt Looby didn't lack for hustle at Iowa (AP photo)

Frankly, I never pictured Kurt Looby as an NBA prospect when he played at Iowa. I didn’t even picture him as an NBA D-League prospect.

Well, Looby is playing his way toward a roster spot on somebody’s NBA summer league team, and he’s doing it in the D-League. Continue reading

POLL on Brent Metcalf’s Post-Match Actions

The YouTube videos are on the post immediately below this one.

Iowa’s Brent Metcalf Doesn’t Surrender NCAA Title Without One Last Shot

Look, I got this from YouTube. If Disney or whoever owns ESPN these days says it can’t be used, strike it from YouTube. Do not sue the Hlog, Corporate Monolith.

That said, this is from the end of the NCAA Wrestling Championships’ 149-pound final, won by North Carolina State’s Darrion Caldwell over Iowa’s Brent Metcalf, a 2008 national-titlist who had owned a 69-match winning streak. Continue reading

A Tornado May Have Helped Ex-Hawkeye at “Pro Day”

Matt Bowen

Matt Bowen

Matt Bowen played seven years in the National Football League after having a distinguished career at safety for the University of Iowa.

His career may have been jump-started by a tornado in Iowa City, if you can believe that. Continue reading

In NCAA, Might Makes Right, Which is Wrong



Bad enough that the six BCS conferences have a stranglehold on college football. They’ve also somehow seen to it that they dominate the NCAA basketball tournament.

I don’t know what the mission of the NCAA tournament selection committee may be, but the criteria obviously tips things in favor of the power conferences.

Look, if you live in the Midwest you cannot tell me the Big Ten deserves seven teams in the NCAAs. Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are all in the tournament? Hooray for mediocrity!

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Time After Time, It’s Overtime

Something very strange has been happening to me lately. Nothing seems to end when it should.

This began a week ago Saturday when the Iowa men’s basketball team defeated Penn State in double-overtime. After I filed my column from that game in Iowa City, I drove to St. Louis, where Northern Iowa would play Illinois State the next day in the Missouri Valley Conference final.

On the way down while tooling around the dial on my trusty XM Satellite Radio, I saw the Ohio Valley Conference title game was winding down. Austin Peay and Morehead State.

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Post-Mortem on Iowa’s Basketball Season

DeShawn Sims of Michigan, Jarryd Cole of Iowa (AP photo)

DeShawn Sims of Michigan, Jarryd Cole of Iowa (AP photo)

INDIANAPOLIS — All five first-team All-Big Ten men’s basketball players this year are sophomores.

Only four of the 28 league players who averaged 10 or more points this season are seniors.

Just one of the league’s top 10 players in assists per game is a senior.

Michigan State, which was 15-3 in winning the conference, presumably returns its top two scorers next season.

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After Horror of 55-0 Loss to Iowa, Gophers Abandon Metrodome Altogether

Gophers dont dig the Dome anymore

Gophers don't dig the Dome anymore


Last November, the University of Minnesota’s Metrodome farewell was a full-fledged disaster. Iowa savaged the Gophers, 55-0.

Minnesota was still scheduled to play its 2009 spring game in the Dome before it moved into its new on-campus stadium this fall. But Gophers Coach Tim Brewster has reportedly said he will never step foot in the Dome again after the horrific Dome-ination his team endured in its finale there.

So on April 25, Minnesota will conclude its spring practice season in St. Paul with a free spring game at the University of St. Thomas.

Now, it’s possible Brewster simply wanted his team to get used to the notion of playing outdoors in Minnesota. But I like the version I heard this morning at the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament in Indianapolis a lot better. Which is, no more Dome for Brewster.

But it’ll still be there, Coach. You can’t miss it anytime you drive past downtown Minneapolis on the freeway. Don’t close your eyes when you’re driving past it. It’s simply not safe.

You Spend Too Much Time Working – Goof Off Today at Our Live Blog from the Big Ten Tournament

The Hlog tries to make your life better, and you know it. Today, we invite you to join a live blog from the Iowa-Michigan game at the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament in Indianapolis.

We’ll comment. You’ll comment. We’ll be working. You’ll be … at work.

You can’t see the Hawkeyes tangle with the Wolverines from Conseco Fieldhouse? It’s OK. Gazette sportswriter Scott Doctherman and I, your faithful servant who manages this site, will put you inside the arena. Or at least in the arena’s parking ramp.

Look, this could be Iowa’s last game of the season. Do you want to spend it alone in your cubicle, or with many of the best friends you’ll ever have who you’ve never met? Talk about a no-brainer.

We’ll fire up the live blog at http://gazetteonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090312/SPORTS/903119974/1008 around 1:15 p.m., Iowa time. So make sure you’ve used your entire lunch hour for lunch. Then use work time to follow the game.

What’s the worst that can happen, you’re non-productive for two hours and the whole national economy tanks?