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Nike Puts Iowa State in Different Shades of Red

Nov. 12, 2008

Dear fellow Cyclones:

This past year the athletics department made the decision to return to Iowa State University’s traditional school colors of cardinal and gold (as adopted by the institution in 1899). Although we are very excited about returning to these colors, we also recognize this decision is not something that can be fully implemented overnight. It is our goal to have all of our athletics teams in the same shade of cardinal and gold, that represents our proud history and tradition, as soon as possible.

The purpose of this letter is to share several updates on the transition. Nike, our equipment provider, has designated the football and men’s and women’s track programs in their “elite” uniform division which means those sport’s uniforms are custom made in the colors we want (for example, what is being worn by the football team this season).

Unfortunately, Nike has not designated our other teams in that same category at this point, mainly due to our institution’s overall lack of retail merchandise sales.  We are continuing to work with Nike on this issue and are optimistic that we can resolve it in the future.

In the interim, our other athletics teams, including men’s and women’s basketball, must select their uniforms and warm-ups from Nike’s stock colors.  Nike’s stock cardinal color is darker than our football uniforms, and in some cases appears burgundy or maroon.  In addition, Nike does not provide uniforms for spirit squads, dance teams or bands. Each of those programs has to order their uniforms from separate companies, which makes obtaining the proper shade of cardinal even more difficult for our department.

In closing, we simply ask you to have patience and understanding as we complete the transition.

Go Cyclones!


Jamie Pollard
Director of Athletics

Las Vegas and Our World Have Changed

Michigan is a 23-point underdog Saturday at Penn State. The last time the Wolverines were 23-point underdogs, our president was James Garfield.

Las Vegas made Penn State a 24-point pick when the games were put on the big boards, so the early money has gone with Michigan. But would you take the Wolverines and the points against the Big Ten’s most-powerful offense when Michigan got torn up by Illinois’ offense and couldn’t punch the ball in the end zone more than once against Toledo’s defense?

The “Who’d a Thunk It” response applies to both I-A games in Iowa Saturday. Until last week, who’d a thunk the Hawkeyes would be 3.5-point picks over Wisconsin. And while Nebraska is no world-beater like back when Garfield was president, who’d a thunk the Huskers would be just 7-point favorites over an Iowa State team that has just one win over a I-A team, that being Kent State?

Las Vegas. If it didn’t exist, it would need to be invented.

Tour Guy: Kinnick Experience Good, But By No Means Great

(Tour Guy photo)

Through the magic of SI.com, we lead you to Tour Guy.  He goes to college football games each week, tailgates with fans, takes photos, sees a little football, and writes about it.

There are worse jobs in life. Lots of them.

Tour Guy came to Iowa City last weekend for the Iowa State-Iowa extravaganza. He wasn’t overwhelmed.  In the words of Milli Vanilli, blame it on the rain.

The post: http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/254115

The video: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/video/ncaafootball/2008/iowa.olympics/

The Hlist – Rat Pac-10 and Buckeyes Black Eyes



Opening kickoff

“Success against weak Big Ten teams has not only been a means to a bad end in title games, but it might have created something of a mirage of football power. Rankings or no rankings, these failures now raise the question of whether OSU has ever truly been a top-five team the past three seasons.” — Bob Hunter of the Columbus Dispatch after Ohio State’s 35-3 loss at Southern California

First downs

1. No. 1 and Only: When Southern California thrashed Iowa, 38-17, in the Orange Bowl six seasons ago, it was just the tip of the iceberg for what Pete Carroll’s program would do to future opponents in big games. The Trojans’ 35-3 savaging of Ohio State was a full-blown Titanic for the Buckeyes.

“We expected to dominate, and that’s what happened,” USC defensive tackle Fili Moala said. “If we come to play like this every week and stay humble, no one’s going to touch us.”

Way to stay humble, Fili.

2. Two Blowouts: First Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis had his knee blown out when he inadvertently got rolled up by Irish defensive tackle John Ryan. Then his team finished off a 35-17 rout of Michigan.

Weis tore the ACL and MCL in his left knee on the fluke collision.

“I feel like an athlete,” the rather rotund Weis said after the game. “First time in my life.”

“I feel terrible,” Ryan said after the game. “I apologized to him three or four times during the game. I feel awful. I won’t sleep at all tonight.”

Asked if he were still on scholarship, Ryan said, “I hope.”

3. Viva Nevada-Las Vegas: Iowa State may be fighting the odds in Las Vegas come Saturday night.

UNLV is on a roll. It went to 15th-ranked Arizona State as a 23-point underdog and came home with a 23-20 overtime win.

“Sometimes, it comes down to heart and desire over talent,” Rebels running back Frank Summers said. Mike Sanford’s first three UNLV teams won two games each. If the Rebels beat ISU in Vegas, they’ll be 3-1.

“The victory is great,” Sanford said. “We’re thankful and grateful for it. But if we go get blown out by Iowa State, nobody will remember it. This next game is as important or more than the one we just played.”

4. Mountain Do: “Most weekends, Vegas’ upset would rank as a highlight,” wrote Dave Curtis of Sportingnews.com. “Saturday, it was just decoration.”

See, the Mountain West Conference had its best football weekend in its 10-year existence. It went 7-1 against nonconference foes and 4-0 against the big, bad Pacific-10. Besides UNLV’s great win, TCU mauled Stanford, 41-17. New Mexico downed Arizona, 36-28. And Brigham Young brutalized UCLA, 59-0.

“That was probably one of the most fun games I’ve ever been a part of,” said BYU quarterback Max Hall after he threw seven touchdown passes against the Bruins. “It almost seemed at some points like my job was easy.”


1. Buckeye Black Eye: Ohio State is the Big Ten’s football ruler. Thus, Big Ten football is held in low national esteem today.

That 35-3 loss at USC was the latest of OSU’s flops in huge games. The Buckeyes bombed in the last two national title games. Don’t look for them to get a third straight chance.

“I can’t believe that we screwed up so badly,” OSU left tackle Alex Boone said. “I thought this team made it clear after the national championship game — all the gassers we ran, and all the running we did that we weren’t going to mess up anymore. Apparently, that wasn’t evident.”

Running is one thing. Keeping up with superior talent is another. Mark Whicker of the Orange County Register wrote this:

“It was supposed to be the Collision at the Coliseum, but it wasn’t. To have a collision, both objects must be moving.”

2. Black and Blue: Don’t bother yelling “Go Blue!” to Michigan’s football team this week. The Wolverines are blue enough after their debacle at Notre Dame.

Michigan, once a football program of note, fumbled seven times in South Bend, losing four. Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press summarized it neatly:

“The 35-17 loss to Notre Dame was a morass of missed opportunities, poor decisions and atrocious fundamentals.”

“We don’t have our heads down because we know who the better team was,” Michigan defensive back Steve Brown said. “They beat us today. It happens, but in our hearts we know we’re the better team.”

No, the better team would have scored 35 points, not 17.

The Hlist doesn’t believe in ghosts, but will stay out of Ann Arbor this week all the same. The spirit of Bo Schembechler, rest his soul, could be out and about with a fury.

3. Rat Pac: The Pac-10 has USC. Oregon’s pretty good, too.

That’s about it.

The league went 3-7 last weekend. UCLA, Washington and Lehman Brothers Holdings all had their worst week since 1929. UCLA’s 59-0 loss to BYU was its worst defeat since ’29, and Washington’s 55-14 loss to Oklahoma was its worst home loss since the year of the Great Depression.

Arizona offensive coordinator Sonny Dykes said Wildcats senior quarterback Willie Tuitama “played as bad as I’ve seen him play” in their loss at New Mexico.

Arizona State Coach Dennis Erickson’s reaction to losing at home to UNLV: “It’s sickening.”

4. No Offense, But …: Auburn 3, Mississippi State 2

“I am an old defensive coach so I was liking it a little bit but I wish we had scored a few more points,” Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville said.

“Coincidentally,” wrote Steve Hofstetter of Doghouseboxing.com, “3-2 are the odds that both teams will never score again.”

Final gun

“That’s the big problem, having to sort through those five big guys to find where he is. When they all come off at one time, they look like a herd of water buffalo stampeding at you and there’s a gazelle somewhere in behind them.” — Florida Atlantic Coach Howard Schnellenberger on Michigan State’s offensive line and running back Javon Ringer. Ringer carried 43 times for 282 yards in MSU’s 17-0 win over Schnellenberger’s Owls.

Sunday’s Seven: College Football Week 3

Seven things from the third Saturday of the college football season:

1. We’ll see if Iowa’s keel is even this week. After an emotional home triumph over Iowa State, the Hawkeyes go on the road for the first time. They still really don’t know who’s their quarterback. They play a Pittsburgh team with much to prove and two weeks to prepare for the Hawkeyes. Big game.

2. Arizona State did Iowa State no favors by losing at home to UNLV in overtime. Instead of rubbing out the Rebels, ASU gave UNLV a big lease on life. Now the Rebels come home to play Iowa State, and there may be some actual interest in the team in Las Vegas. Not a lot, but some.

3. Wisconsin earned some stripes by winning at Fresno State. Believe it or not, East Coast elitists, Fresno State is a really tough place to win. Good for the Badgers for trekking there for a real challenge, and good for the Badgers for leaving with a 13-10 victory.

4. Ohio State. Off you go. Try to settle for a Rose Bowl this year instead of stinking up the national-title game.

5. Michigan. No surprise that it lost at Notre Dame or is 1-2 or will go 6-6. Over the weekend, Coach Rich Rodriguez got the verbal commitment of another five-star guy, this one from New Jersey. Enjoy the Wolverines’ plight now, everyone. It won’t last forever.

6. Oklahoma and Missouri don’t play each other this year. Correction. They aren’t scheduled to play each other. But they’ll meet Dec. 6 in the Big 12 title game, both unbeaten. It will be the Game of the Year and then some.

7. USC looks fairly competent, wouldn’t you say?



It doesn’t matter how much it rains, I’ll be live blogging from Saturday’s Iowa State-Iowa football game. The link is on Gazetteonline.com’s main page and sports page.

Come by, fans of both teams and the all-important independent voters.

This link will lead you there:


The Nation’s Worst Squash: Oklahoma vs. ISU

According to fanblogs.com, the most one-sided rivalry in big-time college football involves Iowa State, and not for the better.

The piece suggests Oklahoma’s .919 winning percentage (67-5-2) against the Cyclones is the worst of the worst. It’s hard to argue with that.

The Sooners have won their last 20 games against ISU. But let’s not dwell on the negative, and instead recall the Cyclones’ last victory over OU.

Entering the fourth quarter in their 1990 clash in Norman, Okla., the Sooners held a 31-20 lead over Iowa State and had knocked the Cyclones’ top runner, Blaise Bryant, out of the game with injured ribs.

But behind quarterback Chris Pederson, Iowa State scored 13 fourth-quarter points to shock the Sooners, 33-31. Pederson scored the winning touchdown on a 1-yard sneak with 35 seconds left. He had a touchdown pass earlier, and rushed for 148 yards. Nice game.

That had been ISU’s first win in the series since 1961.

”’This is Oklahoma we’re talking about, where football was invented,” then-ISU Coach Jim Walden said. “I could die happy right now.”

Walden is still alive, though his 8-year era as the ISU football coach expired in 1994.

Oh, don’t get too many jollies from this, Iowa fans. Fanblogs.com says your team’s series with Michigan is the 14th-worst rivalry in the nation.

“Evidently in Iowa,” the piece goes, “they grow corn and bruises.”

Ouch. The Wolverines lead the Hawkeyes in their all-time series, 40-10-4. But Iowa did prevail against Michigan in 2002 and 2003.

Let’s close this on a high note for the state of Iowa: The Cyclones don’t play Oklahoma and the Hawkeyes don’t play Michigan this season. Although, if there was ever a time to catch the Wolverines, this season might be it since they have a new coach in Rich Rodriguez who is debuting a radically different offense than Michigan is used to running.

The link to the 15 worst rivalries among BCS conference teams:


Vegas says Iowa and ISU Will Win How Many Football Games???

College football teams play 12 games. Never mind, for a moment, how many you want your favorite team to win this fall (The popular pick would probably be 12). How many do you think Las Vegas thinks your team will win in the 2008 regular-season?

More accurately, how many do you think Las Vegas thinks will get equal action betting on both sides, over and under?

How many wins does Vegas say Iowa and Iowa State will win. Keep in mind that half-wins are used for some teams. Syracuse has the lowest projected win total by vegasinsier.com with 2.5 USC has the most with 10.5.

While you wait to see Iowa and Iowa State’s numbers, here are the other for the Big Ten and Big 12 teams:

Big Ten: Ohio State 10, Penn State 8.5, Wisconsin 8.5, Michigan 8, Illinois 8, Michigan State 7, Northwestern 6.5, Purdue 6.5, Indiana 5, Minnesota 4.5.

Big 12: Oklahoma 10, Missouri 9.5, Texas 9, Texas Tech 9, Kansas 8, Texas A&M 7, Oklahoma State 7, Nebraska 7, Kansas State 6.5, Colorado 5.5, Baylor 3.

Even though Iowa State opens the season with home games against South Dakota State and Kent State, the over/under number for the Cyclones is … 3.

Inexperienced team, brutal schedule. ISU’s conference home games are against Kansas, Nebraska, Texas A&M and Missouri. Win one of those four (A&M is the best bet), and the Cyclones get their three wins. That’s if they dispose of South Dakota State and Kent State, of course.

And, oh yeah, one might note Iowa State plays at Iowa, and the Hawkeyes haven’t exactly owned ISU over the last decade.

So I’d take ISU and 3 wins and figure no worse than a push.

Iowa bettors won’t get a push, because its number is 7.5. There are no ties in football. Not college football, anyhow.

So, how does 7.5 sound? Who knows? So many games seem iffy. At Pittsburgh (the Panthers’ projected win total is 6.5)? At Michigan State? At Indiana? At Illinois? Wisconsin and Penn State at home? At Minnesota to close the season, and to close the Metrodome forever as far as Gophers’ football is concerned?

Stay away from either side of this one. Instead, plunk your coin on Michigan under 8 wins. No way the Wolverines go 9-3 in their first year under Rich Rodriguez with his wacky offense that will seem so foreign in Ann Arbor.

Thank me in late November. Or not. You’re the one who’s doing the wagering. I say gambling is for suckers.

To see all the over/unders at vegasinsider.com, go to: http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/odds/futures/

Iowa-ISU Series Extended: Duh, Not Doh!



Pity the fool who would try to pull the curtain down on the Iowa-Iowa State football series. Pity the fool who would use such an old, tired expression as “Pity the fool.”

Thanks to sanity on both parties involved, the Cyclones and Hawkeyes are committed to meeting each other in football through 2017. This insures the series will remain longer-running than “The Simpsons,” which Fox announced Tuesday it was renewing for a 20th straight season.

“The Simpsons” has been more entertaining than most Iowa-ISU games, but their writers get to control the scripts and the characters. Plus, they have those serrated heads and funny catch-phrases. Some of the things Homer Simpson does, well, they sort of defy reality. Don’t you think?

What would Iowa have possibly done had it determined extending its annual tussle with Iowa State was a bad idea? Lock up a home-and-away series with a USC or a Texas or a Florida? Not bloody likely, as my good friends in Liverpool like to say. So why not stay with the state rivalry instead of taking the political hit a cancellation would cause.

After opening this season with Maine and Florida International, Iowa fans should be grateful to see Iowa State, a team from an actual BCS conference. The remaining question is if they’ll still be glad after playing the Cyclones. Thankfully, it’s a question that can be asked from now until at least 2017.

By then, Bart Simpson will be about old enough to run for president of the United States. Insert your own punch line in the comments section.